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God knows everything! So, do you have something troubling you? Do you have something irking you? Whatever it is; take a moment right now to give it up to God in prayer.

If you can; hear me out. I find that sometimes I am unable to get at the heart of what is bothering me or troubling me or even for the thing that is inspiring thankfulness in me. Sometimes, I fumble and stumble around trying to form the right prayer that expresses my needs, desires, thankfulness and praise. Sometimes, in that stumbling and fumbling, no matter how hard I try, I just donít get it across right.

In Matthew 6:8, Jesus tells the disciples and us that God knows our needs before we ask them. Then Jesus teaches us what we call the Lordís Prayer there are some churches donít like using the Lordís Prayer in their services, because it is too formulaic. They prefer prayers to be from the heart.

There is nothing wrong with prayers from the heart, in fact I believe that they are good not only to stay in touch with God on a personal level, but they are also a great exercise for us to learn that God wants to communicate with us in our daily life.

But, then those moments when we donít know how to speak, or are too angry to talk, or too heart-broken even to utter sobs overtake us. In those times God knows our needs, our desires, our wants and our pain. So, if we can utter anything at all in those moments the Lordís prayer is a great thing to say, because we know it and it covers all we need to cover. Even when we are unable to utter that though the Holy Spirit knows our heart and knows our mind and intercedes for us with groans too deep for human language.

You can read that in Romans 8:26. In our weakness, which in my case is often (weakness to sin, weakness in sin, weakness of body and spirit, fatigue, etc., etc.), the Holy Ghost takes up our cause and cries out to the Father for our sake. When we hurt, when we suffer and when we struggle, when we make mistakes, when we are ridiculed, persecuted or mocked, when we have no words and when we have too many words, God knows! He knows and he will answer us. Though sometimes we failÖ Godís word, the promises he has made us and the forgiveness he gives us through Christ, will never fail us. God knows and he will care for you!

In His Grip,

Pastor Mark             


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